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Ecliptek is one of the ILSI America brands, which also include:

ILSI America MMD Oscilent

Crystal and Oscillator Recommendation Index
for Chipsets and Semiconductors

Infineon Technologies

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ChipsetEcliptek SeriesEcliptek Part NumberDescriptionRoHS CompliantAvailable Stock
SAB-C161CS-32RF CA  E2SFA18-4.000M0 -40+85 18PF 4.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EH2645TS-4.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 4.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500
  EUFA18-4.000M0 -40+85 18PF 4.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EUFA18-8.000M0 -40+85 18PF 8.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES4,875
  EH2645TS-8.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 8.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500
  E2SFA18-8.000M 30/50 -40+85 18PF 8.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  E2SFA18-12.000M0 -40+85 18PF 12.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EH2645TS-12.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 12.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500
  EUFA18-12.000M0 -40+85 18PF 12.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EUFA18-16.000M0 -40+85 18PF 16.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EH2645TS-16.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 16.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500
  E2SFA18-16.000M0 -40+85 18PF 16.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  E2SFA18-20.000M0 -40+85 18PF 20.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EH2645TS-20.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 20.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500
  EUFA18-20.000M0 -40+85 18PF 20.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EUFA18-24.000M0 -40+85 18PF 24.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EH2645TS-24.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 24.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500
  E2SFA18-24.000M0 -40+85 18PF 24.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  E2SFA18-25.000M0 -40+85 18PF 25.000MHZ ATCUT FUNDYES0
  EH2645TS-25.000M 50PPM 0+70 3.3V 40/60 25.000MHZ TS CMOSYES500

Note: The Crystal and Oscillator Recommendation Index for Chipsets and Semiconductors is intended for informational purposes only as a service to our customers. Please review all data sheets. Please click here if you require additional assistance.