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Ecliptek is one of the ILSI America brands, which also include:

ILSI America MMD Oscilent

EL15C5 Series Oscillator
Quartz Crystal Clock Oscillators XO (SPXO) LVDS (DS) 2.5Vdc 6 Pad 3.2mm x 5.0mm Ceramic Surface Mount (SMD)

Revision  D  09/05/2012

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Frequency 80.000MHz to 161.1328MHz
Some frequencies within this range may not be available.
Frequency Tolerance/Stability (Inclusive of all conditions: Calibration Tolerance at 25°C, Frequency Stability over the Operating Temperature Range, Supply Voltage Change, Output Load Change, First Year Aging at 25°C, Shock, and Vibration)
±100ppm Maximum
±50ppm Maximum
±25ppm Maximum
±20ppm Maximum
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C
-40°C to +85°C
Supply Voltage (VDD) 2.5VDC ±5%
Input Current 63mA Maximum
Output Voltage Logic High (VOH) 1.43VDC Typical, 1.6VDC Maximum
Output Voltage Logic Low (VOL) 1.1VDC Typical, 0.9VDC Minimum
Differential Output Voltage (VOD) 247mV Minimum, 330mV Typical, 454mV Maximum
Offset Voltage (VOS) 1.125V Minimum, 1.250V Typical, 1.375V Maximum
Differential Output Error (DVOD) 50mV Maximum
Offset Error (DVOS) 50mV Maximum
Duty Cycle Measured at 50% of waveform or at the crossing point
50 ±5(%)
Rise Time/Fall Time Measured at 20% to 80% of Waveform
300pSec Typical, 700pSec Maximum
Output Logic Type LVDS
Load Drive Capability 100 Ohms Between Output and Complementary Output
Phase Noise All Values are Typical
-60dBc/Hz at 10Hz Offset, -95dBc/Hz at 100Hz Offset, -125dBc/Hz at 1kHz Offset, -143dBc/Hz at 10kHz Offset, -145dBc/Hz at 100kHz Offset, -145dBc/Hz at 1MHz Offset, -146dBc/Hz at 10MHz Offset
Logic Control / Additional Output Tri-State and Complementary Output
Tri-State Input Voltage (Vih and Vil) Vih of 70% of VDD Minimum or No Connect to Enable Output and Complementary Output, Vil of 30% of VDD Maximum to Disable High Impedance Output and Complementary Output
Standby Current Without Load
10µA Maximum
RMS Phase Jitter Fj=12kHz to 20MHz; Random
0.4pSec Typical, 1pSec Maximum
Storage Temperature Range -55°C to +125°C
Start Up Time 10mSec Maximum