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Ecliptek is one of the ILSI America brands, which also include:

ILSI America MMD Oscilent

RoHS Compliance and Pb-Free Statement
for Ecliptek Crystals and Oscillators

Ecliptek Corporation is dedicated to the preservation of the environment as responsible corporate citizens. Ecliptek has worked diligently to address RoHS and Pb-Free compliance initiatives in the electronics industry. Our goal is to progressively eliminate the use of non compliant products by providing our customers with compliant alternatives as well as a published End of Life schedule that provides ample time to approve the compliant products.

Our website is designed to assist customers with determining the RoHS and Pb-Free status of Ecliptek product. Our RoHS / Pb-Free Certification and IPC -1752 Material Declaration tools offer our customers the ability to process their documentation requests by part number and receive a comprehensive automated response within seconds.

Ecliptek configuration specific data sheets include Solder Reflow Profiles indicating whether or not that device meets the 260° C maximum reflow profile. Ecliptek has posted Qualification and Reliability Reports for all crystal and oscillator series on the website.

Ecliptek Corporation continues to work diligently with our customers to encourage practical solutions to the environmental challenges we all face today. If you have any questions regarding Ecliptek’s RoHS and Pb-Free program, please contact us at quality@ecliptek.com.

RoHS Compliance Tools and Resources