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Ecliptek is one of the ILSI America brands, which also include:

ILSI America MMD Oscilent

Ecliptek in the News
Press Release and New Product History


04/03/2020 Abracon, LLC Provides COVID-19 Response Update
01/06/2020 Abracon Acquires ILSI America LLC


04/16/2019 ILSI America Hires National Sales Manager


09/05/2018 ILSI America LLC Announces Acquisition of Oscilent Corporation
08/01/2018 Midtec Associates, Inc – Newest Addition to the ILSI-MMD-Ecliptek Sales Network
07/01/2018 ILSI-MMD-Ecliptek Hires Strategic Marketing Associates as Newest Manufacturers Representative
06/08/2018 ILSI-MMD-Ecliptek Expands Sales Network with Addition of MaRCTech2 Associates


02/08/2017 ILSI America LLC announces the acquisition of Ecliptek Corporation


11/14/2016 Ecliptek and Future Electronics Sign Global Distribution Agreement
11/02/2016 Ecliptek Welcomes Pacific NW Rep, New Business Development Manager
09/22/2016 Ecliptek Presents Frequency Control Challenges Seminar at Arrow LA Tech
06/29/2016 Mouser Stocking New 1.2mm x 2.0mm 32.768kHz Crystal Designed for IoT
03/17/2016 Five New 32.768kHz Miniature SMD TCXOs Perfect for IoT, Wearables


12/30/2015 Ecliptek Launches REACH 168 Analysis of ECHA's Five New SVHC
11/11/2015 Ecliptek Adds Supplyframe to Data download Recipients
10/28/2015 Ecliptek SmartSearch App Adds Extreme Temperature Filter
10/07/2015 Ecliptek Introduces Eight REACH 163 SVHC Compliant TCXO and TCVCXO Oscillators
09/30/2015 Ecliptek Adds 2.5mm x 3.2mm SMD TCXO and TCVCXO Oscillator Series, Available up to 200.000MHz
09/03/2015 Ecliptek Customers receive automatic emails with updated RoHS and REACH compliance docs
07/08/2015 Ecliptek Assesses 4 New RoHS Restricted Substances per (EU) 2015/863
07/01/2015 New REACH 163 Compliant ±0.5ppm Stability TCXOs and TCVCXOs
07/01/2015 Ecliptek Initiates REACH 163 Analysis of ECHA's Two New SVHC
06/24/2015 Ecliptek Introduces EU REACH Compliant 2.5mm x 3.2mm SMD CMOS Oscillators
05/27/2015 New 3.2mm x 5.0mm LVCMOS Oscillators offer -55°C to +125°C Temp. Range Option
04/29/2015 Ecliptek Adds Five New Extreme Temperature Oscillator Series
01/07/2015 Ecliptek Initiates REACH 161 Analysis of ECHA's Six New SVHC


12/08/2014 New Crystal Delivers Fundamental Frequencies up to 50.000MHz in 2.5mm x 4.0mm SMD
12/03/2014 Ecliptek’s SmartSearch Gets Even Smarter With Debut of Stock Check Option
10/30/2014 New 3.2mm x 5.0mm SMD Crystal Offers Fundamental Frequencies up to 48.000MHz
10/01/2014 Ecliptek’s Searchable DRC Conflict Free and REACH Documentation Exceeds 3,000,000 Unique Part Numbers
09/03/2014 Ecliptek Introduces -40°C to +125°C OTR 2.5mm x 3.2mm Crystal
08/13/2014 Ecliptek Expands Oscillator Availability with Four New Series Shipped from Inventory
08/06/2014 Ecliptek Ramps up Stock of Unique Frequency LVPECL & LVDS Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators
07/29/2014 Ecliptek Stocks New CMOS Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators to Accelerate Delivery
07/23/2014 New Ecliptek LVDS and LVPECL Oscillators Available From Stock For Immediate Shipment
07/21/2014 Ecliptek adds OemsCart to Automated Data Download Recipients
07/02/2014 Ecliptek Launches REACH 155 Evaluation To Include Newest SVHC Additions
03/12/2014 Ecliptek SmartSearch Accelerates Finding Crystals and Oscillators Defined by Customer’s Requirements
02/13/2014 Customers Quickly Locate, Purchase Frequency-Control Products Thanks to Arrow and Ecliptek
02/12/2014 Ecliptek Updates REACH 151 Compliance on Two Million Part Number Specific Data Sheets
02/05/2014 Newest Ecliptek Clipped Sinewave TCVCXO Series Achieve Tight Stabilities, Superior Phase Noise
01/29/2014 EQTD Clipped Sinewave TCXO Oscillators Reduce Phase Noise
01/21/2014 New Ecliptek 2.0mm x 2.5mm Clipped Sinewave TCXO and TCVCXO Series
01/15/2014 Ecliptek Introduces 2.5mm x 3.2mm Clipped Sinewave TCVCXO and TCXO Series
01/09/2014 Cytech and Ecliptek Implement Available Inventory Download to Cytech Global Website


08/30/2013 New Miniature Ecliptek SMD Oscillators Reduce Footprint, Deliver Tight Jitter Performance
08/14/2013 New 0.4pSec Maximum RMS Phase Jitter SMD Oscillators Compliant With Current REACH 144 SVHC EU Regulations
07/26/2013 DRC Conflict Minerals Documentation Requirements Are Here to Stay
07/24/2013 Ecliptek Streamlines Access to DRC Conflict Free Documentation
07/17/2013 New Ecliptek 0.4pSec Maximum RMS Phase Jitter SMD Oscillators Offer Three Different Output Logic Options
03/27/2013 Ecliptek's New EMRA Oscillators Compliant With Current REACH 138 SVHC European Union Regulation


10/12/2012 Ecliptek Updates Conflict Mineral Program, Includes Part Number Declaration Tool
05/16/2012 Ecliptek's New LVPECL Oscillator Series Provides Frequency Range to 625MHz, Reduces Lead Times
05/16/2012 Ecliptek Introduces New LVDS MEMS Oscillators ±20ppm, Frequencies to 625MHz
04/04/2012 Ecliptek's Counterfeit Prevention Process Offers Quick Product Traceability


08/09/2011 Ecliptek First to Participate in Octopart's Verified Manufacturer Program
06/08/2011 Ecliptek Introduces Quick Turn Low Voltage Current Mode Logic (CML) MEMS Oscillators in Miniature SMD Packages
03/09/2011 What can Ecliptek’s "My Parts List" do for me?
03/01/2011 Ecliptek Issues Conflict Minerals Sourcing Statement
01/25/2011 New Ecliptek SMD Quick Turn Oscillators Offer LVPECL, LVDS and HCSL Technology in 3.2mm x 5.0mm Package


12/15/2010 New 2.5V HCSL SMD Oscillator Minimizes Jitter up to 125.000MHz
10/20/2010 Ecliptek Introduces New Quartz Spread Spectrum Quick Turn Oscillators
09/16/2010 Ecliptek Offers Industry's Smallest 32.768kHz SMD Crystal Available at ±10ppm Tolerance
07/23/2010 New miniature 2.0mm X 2.5mm 4 pad SMD AT Cut Crystal
05/27/2010 New 3.2mm x 5.0mm SMD LVCMOS TCXO Provides 2.5ppm Maximum Stability
05/26/2010 Ecliptek Enhances Automated Solution to Address Competitors' Shortages and Long Lead Times
04/30/2010 New 32.768kHz Oscillators combine smaller package with lower voltages
04/07/2010 Ecliptek's New Voltage Controlled MEMS Oscillators Ship in Days
02/23/2010 Ecliptek's New REACH Compliance Policy Added to Website
02/02/2010 New 2.0mm x 2.5mm SMD 3.3V, 2.5V & 1.8V LVCMOS Oscillators
01/18/2010 New miniature 1.6mm X 2.0mm 4 pad SMD Crystal
01/06/2010 New SMD Clipped Sinewave TCXO reduces package size to 2.0mm X 2.5mm


12/18/2009 Ecliptek Recertifies to ISO 9001:2008
11/11/2009 New Ecliptek MEMS HCSL SMD Oscillators Provide Fast Delivery Solutions
10/14/2009 Ecliptek's New HCSL 3.3V SMD Oscillator Reduces Jitter
09/23/2009 New 3.2mm x 5.0mm SMD VCXOs Strengthen Ecliptek's Clocking Solutions
09/16/2009 Ecliptek Introduces New 2.5V Ceramic SMD Voltage Controlled Oscillators
09/09/2009 Ecliptek's New MEMS LVPECL and LVDS SMD Oscillators Provide Low Jitter Solutions
08/26/2009 Ecliptek Customers Can Now Use Competitor Part Numbers on Homepage to Identify Alternatives in Stock
08/12/2009 Ecliptek's New Crystal and Oscillator Cross Reference Identifies Part Number to Part Number Options with Inventory
08/05/2009 Ecliptek Introduces Four New 32.768kHz Oscillator Series
07/22/2009 Ecliptek Quick Turn Oscillators Offer Fast Delivery Solutions
07/08/2009 Ecliptek's Thomas A. Culhane Receives ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer
06/24/2009 Ecliptek Adds Crystal and Oscillator Recommendation Reference Index for Chipsets and Semiconductors
06/03/2009 Ecliptek Introduces Alternative 2.5mm x 3.2mm SMD Oscillator Series
05/20/2009 Ecliptek Miniature LVCMOS SMD Oscillators Deliver Lower Supply Voltages with Reduced Lead Times
05/06/2009 Ecliptek Automated One Step Process for IPC-1752 Delivered in Seconds via Website
04/29/2009 New Ecliptek Miniature LVCMOS SMD Oscillators Provide Significant Lead Time Reduction
04/15/2009 Ecliptek Expands Surface Mount Crystal Product Line, Adding 2.0mm x 2.5mm ECCM2 Series
04/01/2009 Ecliptek Releases Another Phase of Website Upgrade
03/25/2009 Ecliptek Increases Frequency Range of 5mm x 7mm 3.3V LVCMOS Oscillators
02/25/2009 Ecliptek's SMD Crystals Provide Effective Solution for Portable Devices
02/09/2009 Ecliptek Introduces New Miniature LVPECL and LVDS SMD Crystal Oscillators
02/04/2009 New Parametric Product Search Connects Users to Inventory
02/03/2009 Ecliptek Offers New High Frequency VCXO’s Ideal for Low Jitter Applications
01/28/2009 Ecliptek Expands Frequency Range of Low Jitter Oscillators


12/03/2008 Ecliptek Offers Industry's Smallest MEMS Spread Spectrum Oscillators (2.0mm x 2.5mm) Combined With Exceptional Savings
11/19/2008 Ecliptek Delivers Industry's First 1.2 Volt Miniature Surface Mount Oscillator
10/29/2008 Ecliptek Bucks Industry Trend by Building World's Largest Crystal and Oscillator Factory Inventory
10/01/2008 Ecliptek MEMS Spread Spectrum Oscillators Provide Significant Cost Savings, Reduced EMI
08/06/2008 Ecliptek Website Now Features Fully Automated Quotation System
06/26/2008 Ecliptek Reduces Delivery Cycle Time on all EMO MEMS Oscillators
05/28/2008 Ecliptek Introduces SMD Inc. to Strategic Distribution Network
05/14/2008 Comprehensive Offering Key to Ecliptek MEMS Programmable Clock Oscillators First Year Success
02/13/2008 Ecliptek Announces Availability of IBIS Models for the EMO™ Family of MEMS Oscillators

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