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New Parametric Product Search Connects Users to Inventory

Ecliptek Corporation, the innovation leader in frequency products, has retooled the product search section of its industry leading website, easing accessibility to factory and Authorized Distributor inventory. This latest enhancement will expedite and simplify users ability to find millions of Ecliptek parts in stock.
February 04, 2009
Costa Mesa, CA - With the intention of shortening the distance between two points, Ecliptek Corporation has implemented its dynamic new product search tool, facilitating users' ability to locate inventory and generate an instant quotation from the world's largest stock of crystals and oscillators.
In addition to refining the part number search, Ecliptek has boosted the parametric search functionality to reduce users' search time. This was accomplished by constructing the tool so that engineers could systematically define the most critical parameters for their requirement.
As each parameter is identified, the search engine will tally the number of different Ecliptek part numbers as well as the total available inventory. The user can access the full list of qualifying items that meet their defined parameters at any point in the process.
"The benchmark for any website is its ability to provide the most accurate, comprehensive information in the least amount of time" asserted Cary B. Rosen, President and CEO of Ecliptek. "This enhancement enables the engineering community to prioritize their most critical parameters and ultimately find the product they need to suit their application."
Once a part number is selected, links are provided to configuration specific data sheets in addition to both factory and Authorized Distributor inventory. Contact links are also available, as well as access to the Sample Request and Request a Quote sections of the site.
Click here to see screenshots of Eclptek's new product search tool.
If you would like to request samples or learn more about Ecliptek Corporation, please access our industry leading website, www.ecliptek.com, or contact any one of our Authorized Distributors.
About Ecliptek
Founded in 1987, Ecliptek is a leading supplier of innovative frequency control products to the electronics industry. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Ecliptek provides complete engineering support and unparalleled customer service to OEM customers and distributors worldwide.