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Ecliptek Press Release

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Ecliptek Delivers Industry's First
1.2 Volt Miniature Surface Mount Oscillator

Ecliptek Corporation, a leading supplier of frequency products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the EB17E2 Series of 2.5mm x 3.2mm SMD crystal clock oscillators. This innovative design offers the lowest supply voltage (1.2Volts) of any oscillator solution currently available.
November 19th, 2008
Costa Mesa, CA - One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is how to conserve power. Clock design engineers have long been faced with this issue, having to settle for 1.8V products as the lowest supply voltage available for crystal clock oscillators. To help address this problem, Ecliptek has recently launched its EB17E2 series of 1.2V oscillators.
Utilizing LVCMOS logic, the EB17E2 series offers frequency stability to 25ppm over an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. A multitude of common frequencies ranging from 1.8432MHz up to 50.000MHz are available in this low profile RoHS compliant surface mount package.
Operation down to 0.9V combined with the miniature 2.5mm x 3.2mm package make the EB17E2 series oscillator ideal for any application where power consumption and board space are critical, including handhelds, portable devices and memory products. The unit cost for 10,000pcs of this product starts at $1.49 ea.
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About Ecliptek
Founded in 1987, Ecliptek is a leading supplier of innovative frequency control products to the electronics industry. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Ecliptek provides complete engineering support, and unparalleled customer service to OEM customers and distributors worldwide.