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Ecliptek Press Release

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Ecliptek Recertifies to ISO 9001:2008

DNV audits the Quality Management System (QMS) for
compliance to the latest ISO 9000 standard
December 18, 2009
Costa Mesa, CA – Ecliptek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of crystals and oscillators for over 22 years, today announced that the company has been recertified by independent registrar Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for the latest revision of the ISO 9000 Standard, ISO 9001:2008.
ISO 9000 is maintained by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, and is a family of standards for quality management systems administered by accreditation and certification bodies. The internationally accepted ISO 9000 series of standards were written to provide a consistent basis for understanding requirements relating to product and service quality and to provide guidelines to assist organizations implement and operate quality management systems. The ISO 9001 quality management system at Ecliptek Corporation is focused on the guiding principles of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through a systematic approach that involves all employees of the company.
DNV, a leading global independently accredited certification body, providing assessments of organizations to various quality management system standards, conducted comprehensive audits of the key processes and procedures in place at Ecliptek to verify compliance to the ISO standard. The company earned the ISO 9001:2008 certification upgrade after the audits yielded proof of standard compliance. Ecliptek has held continuous ISO 9001 certification since 2001.
About Ecliptek
Founded in 1987, Ecliptek has become a leading supplier of frequency control products to the electronics industry. Ecliptek provides unparalleled quality, complete engineering support, excellent customer service and innovative products to their OEM customers and distributors worldwide. Complete information on company operations or any of Ecliptek's quality frequency control devices can be obtained by calling 1-800-ECLIPTEK or by visiting Ecliptek's internet site at www.ecliptek.com. The company's Email address is sales@ecliptek.com.